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A good night's sleep is one of life's greatest pleasures, and all comes down to the perfect bed. To find the right bed, you need to consider the bed type, headboard, bedding, and most importantly, the


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  1. Flaxmere - Pocket Sprung Mattress
    Flaxmere - Pocket Sprung Mattress
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  2. Hempmere - Pocket Sprung Mattress
    Hempmere - Pocket Sprung Mattress
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  3. Cashmere - Pocket Sprung Mattress
    Cashmere - Pocket Sprung Mattress
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Which mattress should I get?


The range available at Bedtime covers a wide range of mattress types to ensure we have something for everyone. Each mattress will differ due to the materials used, but all offer a great level of comfort and support.  The size and comfort of your mattress are the most important aspects you need to consider, as you want to be purchasing a mattress that is perfect for you and your body. We have detailed the different mattress types below:


What is a combination mattress?


A combination mattress has the benefits of both traditional and innovative technology by multilayering springs and foam layers together to provide a comfortable level of support and pressure relief. Combination mattresses are great for all sleeping positions and feel cool and fresh, thanks to the gel-infused memory foam materials.


What is a memory foam mattress?


A memory foam mattress is designed to provide the perfect level of support for your body. Made up of low-resilience and high-density polyurethane, the materials soften with body heat, creating a mold of your body shape. The great thing about memory foam is that it will bounce back to normal after pressure is removed, but over time, it will remember your body's shape to provide you with the best sleeping position.


What is an open sprung mattress?


An open sprung mattress, also known as open coil, is created using high tensile steel coils that are interlinked into springs. Open coil mattresses are orthopedic preferred as they offer firm support and have more give than pocket sprung mattresses.


What is a pocket sprung mattress?


A pocket sprung mattress is designed to offer personalised support. The mattress is manufactured so that the springs react to your body shape, offering a luxurious level of comfort. Pocket sprung mattresses are similar to traditional ones. However, the springs move independently because they are wrapped in individual fabric pockets. This technology reduces the risk of you and your partner rolling into the middle of the bed.


What is a rolled mattress?


Rolled mattresses are specifically designed to offer you comfort but with the convenience of being rolled up and easily transported. The great thing with rolled mattresses nowadays is that comfort and support are not compromised, offering the same comfort as a normal mattress. They are a great option for visitors.



Which mattress is best for me?


Each mattress type offers something different for customers. With each comfort grade varying per mattress type, it all depends on you and your personal preference. The position you sleep in will also contribute to this choice, as some mattress types are better for certain sleeping positions.


Soft, Medium or Firm Mattress?


You may be confused between getting a soft, medium or firm mattress for your bedroom. You should start by considering which sleeping position you prefer and then make your decision.


If you typically sleep on your side, you will want a soft mattress as this will provide you with the best support for those vulnerable pressure points. Soft mattresses provide a comfortable and gentle level of support that will allow you to sink into bed and support you. Commonly memory foam is the best mattress for those who sleep on their side.


People who sleep on their front will require a medium level of support to ensure the spine and neck are comfortable. Pocket sprung mattresses are great for offering that personal support and are designed to react to your body shape. This type of mattress is also preferred by those who sleep on their back.


Firm and medium mattress comforts are preferred by those who sleep on their back as they require the most support. To ensure the spine is comfortably supported and in natural alignment, choosing a firm mattress is crucial.



Check out our mattress buying guide!


If you still are unsure and want some expert advice, check out our mattress buying guide. We ask all the questions so that you know you are purchasing the correct mattress for you and your needs.

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