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Buying Guide

Whatever brought you here, whether it was a recommendation, a lumpy mattress or you’ve just fallen out of love with your bed, the experienced Bedtime Team are committed to helping you find your perfect sleeping partner (a comfortable mattress, a new bed or a sumptuous pillow)

We spend a third of our lives in bed – sounds good doesn’t it! Living to the age of 90 means 30 years are spent in bed so you need to be comfy! That’s why getting the right mattress is so important. We do understand that choosing a mattress online can be difficult so we have put together some helpful guides and advice to help keep it simple. There are lots of things to consider when choosing your mattress. Here at Bedtime we want to make it easy for you with our simple mattress buying guide.

Here are some questions to get you thinking before choosing your mattress.
  • 1. Do you prefer a firm or soft feel?
  • 2. What position do you sleep in?
  • 3. Do you share a bed with someone?
  • 4. Do you need more space, or are you happy with the current size of your bed?

Size Matters

Whether you’re a snuggler or a star fish, size is important! Always go for the biggest bed you can fit in your room. The more sleeping space you have, the better your night's sleep.


Which way do you sleep?

The comfort of a mattress varies depending on your weight and sleeping position. It’s your own personal choice, remember Goldilocks? Everyone has a personal preference and we have a variety of mattresses in different tensions to choose from. It is important to consider your spine alignment when choosing a mattress. Each sleeping position has different support requirements. Meaning your ideal mattress will depend on whether you are a side, back or front sleeper. The information below gives an indicator towards the type of mattress which may suit you.


Front sleeper

If you sleep on your front you may need a mattress with more support. This will ensure there are fewer gaps between your body and the mattress as your spine can dip out of its natural position. The aim is to keep your spine alignment in a neutral position to offer the best support.


Side sleeper

Medium to firm tension will allow the mattress to support you whilst filling the gap at your lower back to ensure your spine is fully supported in its natural position.


Back sleeper

A soft to medium support mattress will allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress, keeping the spine straight without causing pressure points on the joints.

Mattress Types


Open Sprung

Open coil sprung mattresses, also known as traditional sprung, offer great value and are perfect for a spare room. The springs are formed in continual rows all connected to form a frame.


Pocket Spring

Pocket springs offer unique support exactly where you need it. A pocket sprung mattress consists of individual springs encased in fabric to form a pocket, basically it looks like honeycomb. The springs then work independently to offer support contouring to the shape of your body. Excellent for preventing roll together for partners of different weights. Pocket sprung mattresses are available in different comfort levels to suit your needs.



Combination mattresses contain a mix of springs with either memory foam, latex or gel. These mattresses provide support through the spring system and the offer additional contouring from the top layer.


Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses mould to the shape of your body, reacting to temperature and weight reliving pressure points, contouring to your body and giving an overall even support. Some even describe it as a floating feeling

Mattress Protectors

Give your mattress a hug! A mattress protector does exactly that – protects your mattress. Your body loses a pint of fluid every night and sheds a pound of dead skin cells every year – Yuck! It is important to look after your lovely new mattress. A mattress protector keeps your mattress fresh, free from nasty bed bugs and looking as good as new as well as prolonging the life of your mattress.



A pillow is a mattress for your head! Don’t forget about your head and neck, your pillow is as important as your mattress. There is no point in getting yourself the perfect new mattress if your pillows aren’t supporting your neck and spine. Did you know the average human head weighs 11 pounds, that’s the same weight as a large water melon! So after you have carried that around all day you deserve a great pillow.


Front sleeper

If you flake out on our front we recommend a softer pillow with little height. This will give you gentle support and ensure you are not forcing your neck and spine upwards out of its natural position.


Side sleeper

If you’re a side snuggler we would recommend a medium to firm pillow with good depth to it so it fills the space between your shoulder and your head. Supporting your head and neck whilst giving you the height you need to ensure your spine is in its best position.


Back sleeper

If you are a star gazer, a medium comfort low pillow is our suggestion for back sleepers. It will give you support but won’t push your head forward putting pressure on your spine.

Mattress Questions

What is tufted mattress?

Tufts in a mattress make the surface of the mattress look like dimples. These are formed by fabric tapes which are passed through the mattress from front to back at various intervals. These are then pulled taught and secured on both sides with a tag to secure them. The purpose of the tufts is to hold all the fillings in place.

What is quilted mattress?

A quilted mattress refers to the stitching on the surface of the mattress. Generally a decorative stitching pattern is used to attach the top cover fabric to the fillings. These mattresses generally have a smoother surface.

Why do I need to turn my mattress?

If your mattress states it needs turned this means flipping it over every week for the first three months, after this every month is sufficient. The reason for this is to ensure you sleep on different areas of the mattress to spread the usage of the weight from your body. This will prolong the life span of your mattress.

How do I rotate my mattress

Rotating your mattress means spinning it from top to bottom ie where your head was moves to your feet. You should do this every week for the first three months, after this every month is sufficient.

How do I Air my mattress?

I good time to do this is when you are laundering the bedding. Leave the bed stripped and the mattress bare to let the fresh air circulate around the mattress for a couple of hours.

When you receive delivery of your new mattress leave it undressed and allow fresh air to circulate in the bedroom for 3 – 4 hours before dressing the bed.

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