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Five ways to reduce your screen time

September 13, 2021 Five ways to reduce your screen time

5 ways to reduce your screen time
for a better night's sleep.


When it comes to winding down, you may have a nice bath, pop on fresh pyjamas, jump into bed and read a nice book. Everyone's idea of winding down differs, but many of us have the same habit of reaching for our phone, for one last scroll before we sleep.


As we are now living in the digital age, most of the information we absorb comes digitally, with everything now accessible through our smartphones. We rely on phones, computers and tv for work, fun and information, meaning we consume large amounts of blue light rays throughout the day. 


There are multiple studies to support the negative effects blue light absorption has on us, especially with our sleep. If you knew that by reducing your phone time, you could have a night of better, deeper sleep and feel more refreshed each day, would you do it? We know how difficult it is to break a bad habit, but a few simple and effective methods can help you achieve this, and we have outlined five you might want to give a go!


Girl laying on bed on her phone at night time


1 - Set screen time limits


Monitoring your screen time is an effective and easy solution for reducing time on your phone. Throughout the day, with checking messages, phone calls, scrolling social media etc., you'd be surprised at how much time you spend on your phone.


Thankfully this is easier than you may think. Many phones now have built-in monitoring and allow you to set time limits on your apps. If you find at night you are scrolling endlessly on social media or checking emails, you can place a time limit on these apps to help you reduce your screen time, which ultimately will reduce how much blue light you absorb and ensure you have a better, deeper sleep.


2 - Get an alarm clock


Alarm Clock on Bedside Table


As we depend on our phones for practically everything, like contact, work, keeping updated with the news, checking out the latest trends and even watching tv, we no longer depend on essential items like we once had to. Alarm clocks are now built into our smartphones, meaning we no longer require this household item. However, by making sure you have an alarm clock beside your bed, you reduce the need to keep your phone beside your bed. The great thing is that you can buy any cheap alarm clock and it will do the simple task of waking you up without squinting at your screen first thing in the morning to find the snooze button (we’re all guilty of it!)


3 - Move your phone to another side of the room


The less you depend on your phone, the less time you will spend on it. Most of us are addicted to our phones, feeling lost when we don't have them beside us. Placing your phone to another side of the room will help reduce the urge to lift it and have a late-night scroll. This ties in with having an alarm clock, as it will make it easier to place your phone to the other side of the room. A helpful tip involves placing your phone charger at a socket on the other side of the room, so you can set your phone aside to charge and go to sleep.


Man Holding phone above his head in the dark


4 - Have a night-time routine


Another tip for ensuring you get a better night's sleep and reduce your screen time is by having a night-time routine. After a busy day, we sometimes feel too tired to get sorted for the next day, and we jump into bed planning an early night, but then lift our phone, and two hours later, we are wide awake and already dreading the next morning.


Creating a night-time routine can help you organise, unwind, and have a better night's sleep. This may include getting your sportswear laid out for your morning run, preparing your lunch, having a bath, having a skincare routine, and then getting into bed to read. Whatever it may be, following this routine each night means you have a structure, so you are less likely to sit wasting time on your phone. We recommend avoiding reading from your phone or incorporating any task that involves your phone into your routine.


5 - Take up reading


Father and Son Reading a book in Bed


Reading is one of those things that you either love or hate doing. Many people will say they are just not a reader. However, everyone is; it just means you haven't found the right book yet. There are millions of books to choose from, from novels, self-help, work-related, biographies etc., meaning there is sure to be a book out there that you will love.


Setting yourself challenges to read ten pages a night is a great way to start. Sooner than later, you will have finished a book. This is a great way of distracting yourself from lifting your phone and focusing on something better, hopefully of positive influence. Check out book reviews online, book clubs or even ask a friend. The sooner you find the type of book you love, the better you will feel and be on the right track to reducing your screen time.


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