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Sleep for Recovery

March 11, 2021 Sleep for Recovery

Find out how your sleep can help you with exercise recovery

You may feel the burn while you exercise, but it’s actually the post-exercise recovery phase between workouts that sees your body change the most dramatically. One of the best ways to recover is from- you guessed it – sleep!

Getting some high quality shut eye is the most efficient way to allow your body to recover from one session to the next.

Here are some big bonuses you’ll get from getting to bed on time:


  • The NHS recommends that adults get between 6 and 9 hours sleep a night. Just think if you add an extra hour’s sleep to your daily routine, by the end of the week you could have gained an entire extra night’s worth of sleep.

  • Growth hormone is produced during the dreamless sleep stage of your sleep cycle and helps to repair tissues damaged during exercise. The higher quality your sleep, the better your recovery will be.

  • Being overly tired, especially during exercise, could slow down your reflexes and impair coordination. Pretty risky during a game of rugby for example! We know sleep can help recover muscles, but it’s also really important for brain and cognitive recovery too.

  • Getting the right amount of shut eye boosts your immune system too - outside of injury, illness is the second leading cause of missed playing time for athletes. So make sure your body is fully protected by catching the right amount of zzzs.

Too much exercise and too little sleep could result in exhaustion which and keep you from reaching your goals, or worse – injury! Make sure you recover as best as you can with the power of sleep. The right mattress can help with this too – you’ll need one that adapts and supports your exerted muscles – click here to find out more about our Rejuvenate Collection which offer exceptional support and luxury.




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