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Memory Foam vs Traditional Mattress

November 1, 2021 Memory Foam vs Traditional Mattress

The world of mattresses isn’t what it was a few decades ago. If you somehow ended up in a bed shop time machine, any respectable retailer of years gone by would be utterly confused hearing you walk in looking for a memory foam or combination mattress.

There are a host of options now when it comes to mattress choices, and one of the most common questions we get asked is always “which is better; a memory foam or traditional mattress?”.

We thought there’s no better time than now to help answer that question on the blog, so just in case you’re getting ready to shop for a new traditional or memory foam mattress, here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the two.


Knowing what exactly a memory foam mattress is

 Memory foam mattresses are arguably one of the most misunderstood mattresses on the market. Most people will think of pushing their hand on a memory foam mattress in a showroom and seeing their handprint slowly disappear. If you’ve gone around thinking the whole mattress is made from memory foam, you may be in the wrong.

You would typically find that a memory foam mattress comprises several foam layers, with the bottom layers being thicker/denser foam and the top layer(s) being softer memory foam.

If a mattress was all the top layer, you might find yourself sinking in like a sponge; something that won’t result in a good night’s sleep. It helps to see what different memory foam layers look like, which you’ll easily see if you look at our full range of memory foam mattresses.


The important thing to remember is that memory foam’s main goal is to help relieve pressure if you’re a light sleeper.


Knowing what exactly a traditional mattress is

You might hear a mattress described as “traditional” and think it sounds a little outdated. When it comes to traditional mattresses, that couldn’t be further from the case. Now better referred to as open sprung mattresses, they’re formed in continual rows under a top layer that sits as one frame.


Because they’re typically easier to make, they provide optimal comfort at a more reasonable price for customers. You’ll tend to find that open sprung mattresses lean more towards medium/firm than soft.What makes a memory foam mattress better?

It will depend on what you need your memory foam to do. For example, if you’re sharing a bed and one of you is waking the other up from moving throughout the night, a memory foam mattress does a better job of absorbing that pressure, so it isn’t easily felt.

It could be the case that you need a memory foam mattress because you’re a “warm” sleeper. Some of our memory foam products have a gel-infused top layer to help keep you cool throughout the night.

It could just be that you’re prone to tossing and turning from too much pressure on the bed, and memory foam helps alleviate it.


What makes a traditional mattress better?

Again, a lot is going on with traditional mattresses, and it comes down to what matters for your sleeping habits. They typically help dissipate pressure and are surprisingly helpful for people with back pain (some are even better for back support than memory foam).

Obviously, the average lower price point of open sprung mattresses helps a lot as well.


Should I buy a memory foam or a traditional mattress?

Well, it all depends on what you think constitutes a good night’s sleep. If you like a mattress that contours to your body shape, memory foam might work for you. If you prefer a mattress that holds itself well or is something you can have in a spare bedroom for years to come, a traditional mattress is a good idea.


Still don’t know which mattress you need?

Say goodbye to a bad night’s sleep on a mattress that lets you down. Bedtime has a super handy mattress buying guide to help you find the ideal mattress for your bed.

And don’t forget, we have a host of mattresses and bedframes on offer right now if you’re looking for an unbeatable deal on a new bed.


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