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May 31, 2022 Mattress Finder   

Are you looking for a new mattress but are unsure what mattress is best suited to you? Check out our Mattress Finder to find your perfect mattress.


Did you know that throughout our lives we spend an enormous 26 years sleeping plus 7 years on top of this just trying to get over to sleep? That works out to be 12,045 days spent in bed altogether which for many people, can often be a painful and uncomfortable experience.


Quality sleep boosts mental and physical well-being which can be affected by your mattress. In order to maintain comfort, support and hygiene you should replace your mattress every 8 years which will greatly increase the quality of your sleep.


At Bedtime, we understand that finding a new mattress online can be quite confusing with so many options to choose between. Traditional, memory foam, pocket sprung and combination are just some of the styles which can be daunting to decide what is best suited to you if you don’t know the benefits of each type. That’s why we decided to make it much easier for our customers through the help of our Mattress Finder!


The Mattress Finder found on helps you to find your perfect mattress in seconds by answering a few simple questions. To get the best night’s sleep possible, your mattress must cater to your sleeping position to comfort your pressure points which is often a step missed out on when purchasing your mattress.


Our Mattress Finder also asks what your main sleep disrupter is, whether it be partner disturbance, discomfort, tossing and turning or being too warm as we have different mattresses which cater for a wide range of different needs.


Now it’s your turn! Click Here to head to our Mattress Finder to find your perfect mattress.


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