An easy way to find the perfect mattress

February 24, 2022 An easy way to find the perfect mattress

An easier way to find the perfect mattress

It is a little odd to think that we spend an average of 8 hours a day on our mattresses, and yet when asking someone what they need or want from their ideal mattress, you’d be hard-pressed to get an easy answer.


At Bedtime, we want to make the process of finding and buying your ideal mattress as simple as possible. That’s why we developed the Bedtime Mattress Finder, the easiest way to find your perfect mattress in just a few clicks.


A big part of our research into developing the finder was around identifying some of the common pain points customers have when shopping, be that getting a mattress to suit a sleeping position or knowing what can sit within a certain budget.


You can use the finder right now (just click here), but we wanted to give you an idea of some of the elements people tend to overlook or poorly research when buying a mattress.

The key things to consider when buying a mattress anywhere would include:


  1. What kind of upgrade you’re looking for
  2. Whether or not you’re trying to improve your sleep habits
  3. If you’re dealing with existing pain
  4. Where you’re putting the mattress
  5. If you’re buying a mattress for a child


It seems like a lot to consider, doesn’t it? Well, no need to worry! We have it all broken down here in this special Bedtime story, so you have no problems using our mattress finder and buying a new mattress.


Knowing what kind of upgrade you’re looking for

Out with the old and in with the new is usually easier said than done when getting a new mattress. While it is simple enough to dispose of an old mattress (simply get in touch with your local council), it is important to understand what kind of upgrades matter when choosing a new mattress. You’ll want to think about what level of comfort you want from a new mattress, what your sleep disruptors are (more on that below) and whether you can get away with moving to a different/larger mattress.


Knowing how to improve sleeping habits

Tossing and turning in bed is one thing. Not getting a good night’s sleep because of habits you don’t even recognise is another. Some of the common reasons people can’t get a good sleep are down to:


  • Snoring
  • Discomfort (not pain!)
  • Tossing & turning
  • Partner disturbance
  • Feeling too warm

In most cases, it comes down to currently having a mattress that doesn’t support your body how it needs to. Positioning is key to good sleep. It’s the reason why someone who tosses would benefit from a memory form mattress that moulds to the shape of the body (hence avoiding turns), while a couple waking each other up might benefit from a pocket sprung mattress.

Oh, and if you do get too warm in bed, a cooling gel layer from a combination mattress could work wonders.


Knowing how to help alleviate pain

You shouldn’t expect to wake up with a sore neck or back, and yet so many of us go to bed without thinking about how we can alleviate pain in our sleep. Without giving you some spoilers ahead of using our mattress finder, when trying to alleviate pain in bed, it is best to lean towards having a medium/soft mattress with side support. Pocket sprung mattresses are best for this, as they can help with spinal alignment.


Knowing what kind of mattress to get for the spare room

Usually, the one mattress that you take no notice of until guests are coming round and blind panic sets in, it’s so so so easy to choose a good all-rounder for the spare room. The mattress finder will be able to pick one for you based on size and budget, but all those recommended should have one thing in common: they never need to be flipped.


Spare room mattresses are best when they’re the kind that just need rotating when used infrequently or by different sleepers throughout the year.


Knowing what kind of mattress to get for children

You know how you like to sleep, but what about the little ones at home? Again, it can be hard to figure out what kind of support and mattress a child likes and needs to sleep on. Our finder will split the entire range of kids’ mattresses by price, giving you an idea of the types of mattresses that kids will have no issue with.


This would typically include single and small double mattresses. Those on a budget would be best getting a traditional sprung mattress, while those willing to spend more may like some of the smaller pocket sprung options we have in stock.


Figuring out which mattress suits you!

With so much information to take in, how do you know where to start with picking your new mattress? Simply take a few seconds to use the Bedtime Mattress Finder, and we’ll whittle down the hundreds of possibilities to a handful that suit your exact needs. It doesn’t get easier than that, so give it a go and see if your new mattress is a Bedtime mattress.

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