52 Night Comfort Guarantee

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, if Miss Locks had visited Bedtime.co.uk instead, she may not have found herself in a such a grizzly predicament.  


You don’t need to go sleeping in anyone else’s bed because we offer a 52 night comfort guarantee for our customers. In the unlikely event you haven’t found your perfect mattress, you can exchange it for another mattress.


Here are the Rules:


  1. If you find your mattress uncomfortable, you can select an alternative mattress of the same size.

  2. The Comfort Guarantee only applies when your first mattress is in excellent condition (reasonable use with no marks or stains) – the best way to keep your mattress in excellent condition is to use a mattress protector and you can find these here: https://bedtime.co.uk/accessories
  3. Exchanges can only be agreed from 28 nights to 52 nights following delivery (this time period allows your body to adjust to your new mattress and for it to settle properly in your bedroom).Please contact the Bedtime Customer Care Team by email on customer.care@bedtime.co.uk  and they will happily guide you through this process.
  1. If a higher priced mattress is selected, the price difference plus £49 collection and redelivery charge needs to be paid at the time of reselection
    If a lower priced mattress is selected, only  the collection and redelivery charge of £49 needs to be paid at the time of reselection (mattress price difference is non-refundable)
  1. Exchanges are limited to one exchange per product ordered

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